One month has passed since the Oughton By-Election on Thursday 10th November 2016. I would like to say a huge personal Thank You to every single Oughton voter who took the time and trouble to vote for myself as the Independent Candidate. I thank my brilliant election agent Stuart Alder who first brought the By-Election notice to my attention and offered to be my agent, insisting that I just had to stand. He wasn't wrong either. I thank David Miley and all of his staff at the NHDC Electoral Roll Department for all of their hard work in organising the By-Election at such short notice.

The results on the night spoke volumes about how voters in Oughton felt about certain political parties and even individual political representatives. The By-Election had been called as a result of the sitting Labour Councillor Simon Watson only elected in May having to step down due to moving away from the area. Following a highly intensive election campaign in the short space of just over 5 and a half weeks the results were as follows:

Martin Stears-Handscomb - Labour & Co-operative = 258 Votes Elected

Jackie McDonald - Independent - 200 Votes

Serena Elizabeth Farrow - Conservative - 158 Votes

Louise Peace - Liberal Democrats - 150 Votes

George Winston Howe - Green Party - 42 Votes

Many people have asked me since the election, having come so close to winning the seat, if I will stand again. My answer is that I am undecided. Let's see what the next 18 months brings.

Thank You All who voted for me, who campaigned for me and for all your incredible support.

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