Independent & Proud

It is always a risk when you stand alone, in my case as an Independent Candidate in Thursday's local government elections for the Hitchin Priory Ward. It was impossible to gauge how the final result would turn out despite the many people that were openly routing for me to do well. How do I honestly feel right now? Absolutely ecstatic. 155 people voted for me personally, not for a party but for me, wanting to represent the interests of the electorate on the fundamental issues that mattered. These issues range from the delayed opening of the Town Hall & Museum, to the chronic daily road works situation throughout the town along with the dissatisfaction in general of our local elected representatives. The biggest stand out criticism coming from voters over the past few months is that there is an unacceptable lack of engagement between many Councillors and the people they purport to represent. I thank every single one of the 155 people who voted for me on 5th May 2016 from the bottom of my heart who believe in me and what I stand for, which is to continue to campaign on whatever matters and affects local people within the wider Hitchin Community.

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