Junior Doctors Strike

Why are junior doctors striking?

In the words of the British Medical Association:

"We are taking action because the Government has chosen to force a contract on junior doctors from August 2016 that we have no confidence in, rather than negotiate with the BMA.

The new contract is unfair and would be bad for the delivery of care in the long term. We want a contract that is fair for all junior doctors, recognises the unsocial hours we work and ensures we feel valued and motivated, to retain the GPs and senior hospital doctors of the future.

The Government says the dispute is about introducing a seven-day NHS, when junior doctors already work around the clock, seven days a week. If the Government wants the NHS to deliver more services, it needs to provide the funding to recruit more doctors and nurses. It can't simply stretch a five-day service over seven days.

Junior doctors don't want to strike and we're sorry for the disruption this will cause patients - but the Government's actions have left us with no choice".

I was outside the Lister Hospital today giving my personal support to the Junior Doctors. These people simply deserve so much better. They dedicate themselves to their profession and the well being of patients. My late grandfather was an Auditor for the NHS from 1948 until he retired in 1962. I feel sure he would turn in his grave if he could see the current state of the NHS as it is today. Support your National Health Service. Support our Junior Doctors.

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