Tax payers to foot Hitchin Town Hall/Museum bill

Breaking news on line this week regarding the on going fiasco over the delayed completion of the Hitchin Town Hall & Museum will leave council tax payers reeling with disgust. NHDC have announced that the Hitchin Town Hall saga "could soon be over but it will cost taxpayers more money", with a six figure sum required to buy back the site at 14/15 Brand Street from Hitchin Town Ltd who are going into receivership. This money would then settle the claim which Hitchin Town Hall is making against the council.

The main issue causing the delayed completion of the project is the brick wall that was built half way across the stage which will severely restrict the use of local groups. Yet despite the latest news there has still been no final date given as to when the project will eventually be finished. In my opinion both NHDC and Hitchin Town Hall Ltd are equally responsible and have to share the blame for this whole sorry saga.

From day one there has been a complete lack of transparency. I have suggested continually that NHDC should hold a public meeting. Instead a closed meeting with very little information was held just three days prior to Christmas which some community groups were invited to attend. However, it was completely impractical and unrealistic and therefore many of those invited were simply unable to.

At a time when families have to choose whether to put food on the table or turn the heating on this is just another prime example of bureacratic incompetence at it's very worst and we are footing the bill for it.

In May I will be standing as an independent candidate in the local government elections. I am hoping that others will also stand independently across the district as a whole, if people want to make a difference to the chaos that is right in front of our eyes.

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