Hitchin Town Hall and Museum

The ongoing situation regarding the Hitchin Town Hall and Museum has hit the headlines of the local press again tonight - 29/10/15.

Over the recent period the figures released and the picture presented has been very confusing and definitely complex to say the least.

There are several questions that should be asked and answered.

Firstly, what is going to be the cost of the entire project to the Council Tax payer in terms of Council Tax payments per year?

Secondly, what is the current position with HTH Ltd and its working relationship with NHDC which appears to have broken down?

Thirdly, when will the project be finished?

With the construction of the brick wall halving the stage surely this will now dictate the use of the stage and therefore its revenue from future events? If its supposed to be an amenity for the residents of Hitchin and the surrounding area what use could it serve?

Surely, in light of all the above, a Public Meeting should be called by NHDC to inform the Hitchin Public of these issues.

Photograph credit Jacqueline McDonald.

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