Freeze Rents for Council and Housing Association Tenants.


Hitchin Market which appears to be currently in decline - hold organized meetings between Market Traders/Stallholders, Hammersmatch Developers and those involved in the planning department of NHDC to bring about a lasting resolution of the Churchgate/Market saga.


Lack of affordable housing for local people - almost all housing in terms of buying or renting is out of the financial reach of local young people.  Where new housing is built it should be limited by the Council to a maximum of three bedroomed homes, not the luxury 4/5 bedroomed detached houses usually built.  More shared ownership schemes should be investigated.  More identification of empty and brownfield sites first for housing, before developing further housing on greenbelt land.  Award the contract to the developer who satisfies these conditions. 


A halt on the closure of community facilities such as Bancroft Hall.  Where community buildings are left vacant such as the old Hitchin Museum then NHDC should allow Community groups to use these buildings.


Local Businesses - need more support.  I propose a reduction in their Business Rate for the first year of trading.